Personal Power


Have you ever wondered what ‘ Personal Power ‘ means ? Is it some dark ‘Darth Vader-like’ force that some people have to bad things to other people, or is it something with a more positive intent ? Well, hopefully you can find some answers here, so read on…

For sure, Personal Power is a multi-faceted concept. You experience a sense of power when you feel in control of your life. Power is the ability to achieve goals, an ability to fully communicate & influence others. Power includes energy & enthusiasm. Above all, Personal Power is the ability to achieve what you want; if you can cause things – be the master of your own destiny – you have Personal Power.

Ralph Waldo Emerson remarked on power in a more elegant way:                                         What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” This reminds us to be aware of our power and potential. After all, what distinguishes us from mere rocks is the ability to act ; what differentiates us from animals is our ability to act wilfully. For motivational guru Tony Robbins, Personal Power means being persistent in taking action; it is the concept of connecting the gap between dreams & reality through taking massive & focussed action. He states : “ You must focus immediately on the actions you can take today, even if they are small ones.”

So, what can we gain from all this ? Well, whilst Personal Power may maintain all of its of facets, the key element that appears time and again is to take action. After all, simply to BE is to have potential, but ACTION is the realisation of that potential, and  it is by our actions that we create ourselves. More than anything else, it is personal power that brings us life success and happiness; it is wind beneath our wings that enables us to soar to new heights.

2Excel Life Success Coaching can help you build your Personal Power by eliminating the fear that can stop you taking action, as well as assist you in defining the things that matter most so you can take positive action in that direction, & realise your true potential today. So, what are you waiting for..?!