Life Success

As a Success Coach, I get to meet and work with a variety of wonderful people from all walks of life, & for each one of them Life Success has a different meaning – how about you? What is your definition of success? What metric do you use when you view someone else as being successful in your eyes? For some people it is having a lot of money, for others it may be about having the freedom to pursue a favourite sport, and for others just having a large group of close friends. For every one of us, there is a different definition of what success is for others, and what success is for ourselves in our own lives. The more important of the two is how we measure success for ourselves, not for others. So, in order to achieve success in our own lives, we must give it a self definition – i.e. what success means to us, so we can then set our hearts and minds on achieving it.

The basic foundation to attaining success is setting goals and when you achieve those goals, you have success. Curly Martin, in her best selling book ‘ The Personal Success Handbook ‘describes personal success as when “your thoughts, words and actions deliver the results or outcomes that you desire and expect”.

The words ‘goal setting‘ simply mean that you aim for what you want to get. Goals themselves come in all shapes & sizes; some may seem small and some may appear adventurous to the eyes & minds of others. However, regardless of the size of the goal, or whatever the goal is, when it is achieved,  it will equate to success no matter how big or small. The key element to achieving this success after setting our goals is taking action.

Classic goal setting literature would have us setting these goals way off into the future, but current studies show equal effectiveness of taking a small step ‘incremental’ approach. The benefit of such an approach is that it maintains a level of motivation and excitement as we travel on our journey to our ultimate goal, & feel the ‘validation’ of these small, bite-sized successes along the way. As inspirational writer Jonathan Mårtensson stated – ” Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now ”

When we achieve those successes along the way, it’s important to celebrate them and to be inspired by them, so that we are motivated to achieve the ultimate goals in our lives as well. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role as a Life Success Coach is sharing these moments of celebration as they are realised, as well as being a co-pilot your the journey, to provide additional motivation, support & encouragement. Let 2Excel Success Coaching be your partner in Life Success today, so don’t hesitate another minute – contact me without delay & begin experiencing success and excellence in your life right away. It’s your turn!