“ Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance “

Timothy Gallwey – “Inner Game”

Coaching can be described in many ways, but the above quote distils the essence of what it is really all about. It’s about being more than you are – the best version of you. It’s about getting you back into the ‘flow’ of life when you feel stuck. It’s for when you reach that time when you want to live ‘a life less ordinary’ and are ready to take the action to do something about it. When you are at that place, Life Success Coaching is your passport to getting that life you really want – NOW!

Who is Success Coaching FOR ?

Success Coaching is for people who are already successful in at least a few areas of life, & are ready for more of what they want – be it happiness, wealth, success or motivation. Coaching helps identify your essential gifts and strengths, gives you the space to clarify your desires, works in a dynamic relationship with you to define a success strategy, and gives the support as well as encouragement to take measurable and manageable steps towards achieving it effectively.

2Excel Life Success Coaching has the expertise, knowledge and insight to help you achieve your goals and full potential more quickly by being a catalyst for transformation and positive change.

How will it work for YOU ?

Coaching is a dynamic partnership between your Coach – my job, and the client – that’s YOU! As your coach, I act as an ‘evolution facilitator’ to help you break through any road blocks on your road to success, and provide the keys to help unlock your potential. As your Coach, I will bring commitment, discreet professionalism, state of the art skills, and a solid belief in your latent untapped potential. All I require in return is for you as my client to provide commitment, honesty in all things and a fresh willingness to be flexible and self-challenging to get what you want.

What Coaching is NOT!

Sometimes people get confused by the term ‘coaching’ , but just remember that it’s not about trying to ‘fix’ people – that gets done by a different type of professional – sometimes in a long white coat! Success Coaching is different from therapy, counselling or psychology; coaching comes from the world of sports and the performing arts.  That’s why they call it coaching instead of “consulting” or “advising” or “counselling.” All of these things are based in the past, cover old ground as well as impose information. Coaching is based on the present and future, and does NOT claim to have all the answers. It is all about RESULTS – that all!