“ …what enables Grant  to stand head and shoulders above the crowd is his continued investment in his personal and professional growth, which he shares with clients and other coaches with unbounded enthusiasm and energy. I would highly recommend him as a coach because of his professionalism and passion for enabling people to achieve”                      Curly Martin –Best Selling author of the ‘Personal Success Handbook’

“I’m really pleased that I hired Grant to be my coach to success; he has a natural ability to tune in to what you cannot see, which helped me gain clarity on my goals to live my personal life to its fullest , as well as and having greater success in my professional life too. I felt a great sense of empowerment after each coaching session & excitement in the anticipation of achieving what I really wanted “                                                                                                  Michael S – Energy Coach & Percussionist

“ When I was at a time in my life when I was pretty much as low as I could get, I took up coaching with Grant. Even after a few sessions, I had the support, encouragement & motivation I needed to get things moving forward. I am now always looking for new ways & means to change things in my life for the better and stay happy.  I am thankful to Grant for helping me pick myself up & to live a life that I am happy & confident with “                        Paula R – Travel Agent

“ …His invaluable support has been quite inspirational not just to me but to team members also. I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending him to anyone looking for a great life coach “                                                                                                                                            Guy M – GMI Group

“ Grant is an excellent coach – His inspirational style and and positive approach to both business and personal goal setting makes these goals both manageable and achievable ”      Clare L – Director – Portfolio Learning

“ I enjoy coaching with Grant – he is always positive, enthusiastic and supportive, and motivates me with insightful questions that help me think about what is important to me, and what I want to achieve now & in the future “                                                                              Derek S – IT Consultant

” Grant has a natural talent of always being able to come up with a different way to view things. He works positively, with clarity and a drive & I’ve consistently been impressed by his willingness to empower others”                                                                                                Pauline P – Chartered Insurance Broker

“ Grant is an inspirational coach with exceptional listening and coaching skills. His high quality coaching has helped me to progress in many aspects of my life and to excel in achieving my goals with ease. I highly recommend Grant to anyone considering using him for their coaching needs.”                                                                                                                                            Susan R – Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach 

“Grant is an infectiously positive and helpful person who has been a pleasure to work with. Communication throughout my contact with Grant has been excellent and he has always remained articulate and thoughtful. I give my unreserved recommendation to anyone looking for a highly professional yet personable life success coach.”                                                          Stuart Gamblen – Graphic Designer /  Illustrator – Primografik