Wonder Words…Thoughts and Actions

When I was watching a movie recently, I was reminded of a very famous quote that has stuck in my mind ever since: the movie was called ‘The International’ and the quote itself originated from the famous French Philosopher, Henri Bergson, which goes:

” Think like a man of action – act like a man of thought” ~ Henri Bergson

Although this appears to be a line of simple words, its meaning is very profound when you examine it more closely. If you think like a man of action, you are always taking action on your thoughts; you aren’t deliberating for the sake of it. Instead you are in the active state of solving, executing & pushing through on things – your energy is flowing, rather than dissipating. Additionally, when you act like a man of thought , you are not being led by your emotions; you are taking the time to ensure that the actions you are taking are justifiable & in alignment with your desired outcomes, as well as being able to logically support what you are doing.  You are ensuring they are measured & precise.

When you reflect on the above, it can be seen how the combination of these two things is so vitally important, but is so oftentimes so topsy-turvy in peoples lives. When you live just by taking action, you are out of control & have to deal with a trail of regret from the thought-less actions. On the flip side, if you have ever been around a deep thinker who never takes action, you can appreciate the frustration as they bemoan the status quo (and do nothing about it) or tell you about their new idea  (that you know will never happen) Their negative energy drains the positivity from you like a ‘life leech’

As a Success Coach, I often see the aftermath of some of the above behaviours where action has been made without thought, or people are just treading mental water with their deep thoughts, without moving into action. However, with a little guidance, realising the desired outcomes or setting goals can be an empowering compass to help guide the train of thought, even when taking the smallest of measurable action steps. This also has the benefit of focussing the thought process to lock onto a syntax of taking action, rather than procrastination or pondering. The flow of energy from within will be more enlightening & uplifting too.

So, in line with Bergson’s wonderful words, when you think – don’t think too long before taking action; when you act, act proportionally with precision & purpose. You’ll be lot happier if you do & your journey along the road to success a little less bumpy.


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2 Responses to Wonder Words…Thoughts and Actions

  1. Grant- Great post inspired by the Bergson quote. I love the way you remind us about the dance between action and thought. To get the most positive results, both need to be present and work together.

    • grant says:

      Thanks for your input Linda – the Bergson quote is one of the best, & as you say reminds us of the dance between thoughts & action, as well as the necessary balance for the best outcomes. Glad you liked it!

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