Wonder Words…The Real Secret to Success


OK – I admit it – I’m an enthusiastic person. There, I said it. And I’m proud of it.                    I’ll tell you why, so listen up. I’ve discovered in my learnings as a success coach that things just seem a whole lot easier if you can approach them with some fire in your belly….now, this may be a willingness to take on new learning, or maybe a child-like curiosity – whatever, but that latent excited energy we call enthusiasm is a catalyst for personal success. So, for me, it’s a useful state of being – not only for myself, but for my clients because enthusiasm is infectious & makes change, as well as learning, much more fun and when we’re having fun, success seems a lot more ‘streamlined’.

In regards to enthusiasm, perhaps my favourite quote is from the great American auto-mobile founder Walter P Chrysler, who succinctly said:

” The real secret to success is enthusiasm”        Walter P Chrysler 1875-1940

Chrysler’s story itself testifies to the power of enthusiasm in action, and bears revealing. Following an earlier career as an engineer in the rail industry, auto-enthusiast  Walter Chrysler went to work for Buick in 1911, aged 36; he left there 8 years later as one of the richest men in  America. With a few more years experience under his belt, he took a failing car manufacturer & transformed it into the Chrysler Corporation in 1925, going on to be named Time Magazine’s Man of the Year four years later. He retired  successfully in 1936.

If someone of Walter Chrysler’s ilk doesn’t inspire you about the power of enthusiasm, I can do no better than leave you with the words of the ‘founder of Personal Development Industry’ Paul J Meyer –

” Enthusiasm glows, radiates, permeates and immediately captures everyone’s interests ”                                                                             Paul J Meyer  1928 – 2009

So, the next time you approach your next task, goal, opportunity or even just a business event, adding a dose of enthusiasm will undoubtedly help propel you down your road to success. If you have none, call me for a coaching strategy session – I’ll share some with you!

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2 Responses to Wonder Words…The Real Secret to Success

  1. Grant,
    What a perfect way to begin my day! Nothing is worth doing, if not done with excellence. And the only way to tap into your excellent self is by fueling your action with passion and the ENTHUSIASM of which you speak. From the photo, and the quotes, to your words of wisdom I am feeling that fire in my belly stoked once again this morning. Thank you! Shannon

    • grant says:

      Hey Shannon – thank you so very much for your inspired response..I’m glad my article resonated with you & you really seem to have grasped my intent, as well as starting the day with an inner fire of enthusiasm. Go girl!

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