Running Away on All Hallows Eve


running, being in the moment, energy, recharging, personal energyIt’s Halloween; I managed to withstand the early evening rush of ghouls, ghosts & witches who came pounding on my door after ‘treats’, else a trick may be played upon me. Whew! I seemed to have survived long enough to contemplate going for a run.

The night air is cool; the sky is a mixture of inky black, edged by a grey cloudy blanket creeping across the sky. It feels refreshing, so I make my way out into the night towards the park where I run. Surprising, it’s not too dark – a row of houses of the far side are all lit up in a row like pumpkins, and the scattered street light neons glow like embers in a fireplace of night. Maybe I should feel spooked, but I don’t…I’m just focussed on my run. After stretching, I commence & enjoy the peacefulness as I run on the slightly soft grass, with just the night breeze for company. It’s quiet, but my senses are heightened; I hear echoes of trains rattling along the nearby tracks – church bells clanging – the distant growl of motorway traffic , as well as the rushing wind through the trees, but it’s good – I feel in the moment.

Being in the moment – Wow- there’s a thing! What’s that all about? Well for me, it about me being with just me; no laptop, pc, mobile to demand attention. I’m not replaying any mind-video’s about today or yesterday – not even trying to fast-forward into planning tomorrow – it’s all about NOW. I’d almost forgotten how good NOW feels, and boy it feels really good. The best thing about NOW is that it allows me just to be me & recharge that aspect of my personality, which I know as a success coach is vital as it colours all the work that I do. I talked about this in my last blog post ‘The Energy Within‘, but this is a particular detail which pays great dividends.

I return home with a cleared & refreshed mind, with a pleasant warm muscular ache from having exercised. It feels good, really good. Now, running may not be your thing, but if you can find you own way to be ‘in the moment’ – with just you, you’ll notice just how good it feels. Who knows – you may even get to like spending time with you. Besides, there are enough things demanding of our attention, especially on a night like Halloween, so may the trick is to treat ourselves to being in the moment. It’s a great feeling..especially on a full moon! Happy Halloween!


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