Wonder Words… The Energy Within


After a particularly busy week at work, I was taking some time to re-charge & ponder the weeks events in reflection; it had been quite gruelling & I felt quite ‘expired’. Fortunately as a coach I like to take my own ‘medicine’, and took the time to get myself back in balance and feeling restored. During this time, a favourite quotation came to mind which I’ll share with you –

” The difference between one man and another is not mere ability – it is energy ”                                                                                                      – Thomas Arnold  1795 – 1842

This quotation reminded me of the importance of being able to do things with energy, as well as the necessity to restore the balance to personal energy levels. In an interview with SUCCESS magazine, top performance expert Tony Schwartz stated “Energy really is the fuel in your tank – it makes it possible to bring your skill and talent to life”. He also advocates renewing yourself based around the four facets of your being – physical, emotional, spiritual & emotional self; this is much in line with the thinking of Stephen Covey in his classic ‘ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, with his ‘Sharpening the Saw’ Habit, which is highly recommended reading for anyone who is yet to be affected by it’s brilliance.

So, with the quotation in mind & wisdom from the likes of Tony Schwartz & Stephen Covey, actively doing things with energy, as well as maintaining personal energy does make a huge impact on our lives. I know that as a Success Coach I have to bring a lot of energy to the table to help empower the people I work with, and to try & do otherwise is senseless, as I cannot perform at my peak to best serve my clients.

One last thing I will share with you comes from the wise words of my own favourite Supercoach Michael Neill – Michael quotes another source which I can’t recall, but he says to do things with the ‘EE LIM’ prescription….with Energy, Enthusiasm and Like It Matters. It works for me, so perhaps you can give it a try.?

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