Wonder Words….Leaving Enough Room



Happiness, joyous, satisfied, flourishing, well being

Whilst browsing through an old Franklin Covey diary of mine I found this next little gem of a quotation which really made me smile as it really encapsulates my thoughts about taking the time to do special things in your life. Here are the words…

” Always leave enough room in you life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied or even joyous ” Paul Hawken

For those of you who, like me, are unaware of this gentleman, my research has discovered a man who was labelled ‘the original hippie entrepreneur’ by Fortune Magazine in 2002. In addition to this dubious title, Hawken is an author of 6 best selling books, as well as probably being more well known as an environmentalist,entrepreneur & journalist to boot. He certainly is an interesting character; aged 20, he dedicated his life to sustainability & changing the relationship between businesses & the environment, & was even enlisted by Ben & Jerry’s to examine their ecological impact on the world. To this, I say ‘cool’…not just because of the amazing ice cream, but to a guy with such a great vision in life.

Such great wisdom lies in his words to remind us of that little action step we have to take to make the room to let happiness flood in; after all, there aren’t many better tonics in life. For me,  happiness is right up there with oxygen…and B & J’s Phish Food Ice Cream. Heaven.

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