Wonder Words….Facing the Sunshine



Now that the season of sunshine is upon us, the next quotation I wish to share with you seems all the more relevant, especially as I have two variants of a similar thought. The first quotation I always believed to be by Helen Keller, but is actually by an American Poet, essayist and journalist named Walt Whitman; here are his words ~

” Keep your face to the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you ”                                                                                                                                   ~Walt Whitman

Whitman was born in 1819, and became well known later in his life for his most major work ‘Leaves of Grass‘, which was controversial in its time because of the nature of some of its content, but still gained popularity because of supportive praise from none other than Ralph Waldo Emerson, as well as Henry David Thoreau in later years. Twelve years before his death in 1892, another inspirational writer came into the world – Helen Keller, who writings are perhaps a little more well known, and whose amazing life has been well documented over the years. Despite becoming deaf & blind before the age of two, Keller went on to produce the first of her 12 published books at the age of twelve, as well as her incredible autobiography by the age of 22, which was based on her time at college. Out of all Helen Keller’s work comes one of my favourite quotations:

” Face the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow – Helen Keller”

Although it may simply seem a rewording of Walt Whitman’s quotation, these words resonate with me powerfully simply because of Keller’s lifelong blindness and deafness, & the way her life still managed to blossom, despite the massive challenges that she faced.  Whichever quotation your prefer, I think the essence is the same – if we focus on what we most want in our lives (e.g. success,happiness, greater well-being, enrichment, etc..) more of it is likely to occur in our consciousness, just like a program being set into a heat-seeking missile. The Law of Attraction goes to work for us here, or, as motivational expert Denis Waitley calls it ‘the power of positive self-expectancy’ in his classic work ‘The Psychology of Winning’ After all, everybody wants more of the ‘good stuff’ in life, and uses the same amount of energy to focus on what we don’t want, so we might as well ‘face the sunshine’ instead of the shadows and enjoy the possibility in all that comes our way, hadn’t we..?           I think so.

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