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I came across an old personal diary a few weeks ago, which I flicked through to see if I could recall any of the events that I’d written on the pages. Apart from bringing back a few fond memories, it also brought my attention to a wonderful quotation or two; this was one of those diaries with a few wise words, quote or quip at the top, & I’d kept this particular diary because it seemed particularly full of some great ‘words of wisdom’.

One of these quotations seemed to jump out at me as I flicked through the pages – coincidentally, it also happened to be on my birthday week. I’ll share it again for you:

” Be like a postage stamp – stick to one thing until you get there – Josh Billings “

I liked it so much that I posted it on Twitter, and quickly found that it also appealed to a great number of other people too, which inspired me to find out a little about it’s author, who at the time was unknown to me. Josh Billings was actually a pen name for an American 19th century humorist named Henry Wheeler Shaw, who after trying a number of different trades, made his living as a journalist under his pen name in the 1850’s. His unusual style involved the heavy use of the slang of the day, as well as dispensing wit and folksy common-sense wisdom.

Reading further about Josh Billings, I discovered a whole host of wonderful words of wisdom, wit & funny sayings, which I can wholly recommend for those who love a good quote for inspiration, motivation, or or simply as a succinct distillation of profound thought. Sticking to it certainly got my attention because it crystallises the whole idea of goal setting in a single sentence; choose your goal, then commit (stick) to it fully until it meets its final conclusion (gets there) As a success coach, I find this a very powerful analogy, so if I speak to you in the near future, don’t be surprised if you hear some of the great & witty wisdom of Josh Billings. It’s great!



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  1. katehudsob@ymail.com says:

    I loved your Wonder Words…Sticking to It! Now I’ve signed up in your Rss reader – thank you!

  2. Hello Grant!

    My, my you are full of surprises!! Lovely post, lovely quote!! Thank you so much for sharing and brightening up the world a bit!

    Have a glorious day!!


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