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For those of you following my journey from fat to fit, I’m pleased to report on the final ‘sprint’ of my personal race for fitness.

Looking back, it seems like an age has passed since I stepped on those gym scales to reveal a rather unhealthy state of affairs; it was certainly the shock I needed to jolt me into action & get back to a more respectable level of fitness. After all – I’m a Success Coach – I should walk my talk, right..? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done & I’m quite proud that I have. So, where am I today.? ┬áHere are the stats – dropped over 16lbs within three and a half weeks, reduced my waistline by two inches, seriously flattened my abs, as well as vastly improving my cardiovascular fitness…..not bad for a forty-something.

So, what was the secret to my success..? Was it having a goal? A personal trainer? A determined attitude & focus? Pushing out of my comfort zone? The answer….. In truth, its a mixture of all of the above. Get my butt into gear by starting running three times weekly, combined with personal training sessions from ‘The Champ‘ alternate weeks to lock in those fitness goals, and accepting change to get the results I really wanted. It’s that simple.

However, it doesn’t end there – I’ve decided to continue my journey, as I know the road to success is always ‘under construction’. I’m enjoying the benefits from running, as well as being put through my paces in the gym bi-weekly; not bad for a guy who hated running with a passion. The slight downside is that I need to go shopping now & invest in some new trousers, as a lot of the current ones are very loose! A small price to pay in real terms.

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