12 Ways to Make 2011 Your Year of Success

Sometimes we all get a little stuck in life – we set New Year resolutions & they fizzle out after a month – we want to exercise but somehow never seem able to get our butts into gear – we want to make positive changes, but don’t have the time or energy.                       Sound familiar.?

If that describes you in any way, don’t worry – you are not alone – not even close!

In fact, it describes a lot of us. We’re often too tired after a day of chaos or drudgery to do everything we want to; we’re regularly overwhelmed by all of the things on our to do list & feel swamped & overwhelmed…we can’t seem to to find traction.

But hold on – you can get your life into gear…with a little jump start. The four key facets are:  1) Don’t hang onto or beat your self up over failures or frustrations.  2) Begin by thinking positive & knowing that you can actually change your life. 3) Begin to to take action & move forward, regardless of how small the increment. 4) Build on your successes

If these four steps have caught your attention, there are another ‘ Dirty Dozen’ things you can do to give yourself that little jolt to propel yourself into action and make 2011 your year of success – read them here

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