Building Muscle at Minus Seven – Challenge from a Champion Pt 4

travelling to the gym on a frosty day

Hey friends – I’m writing this on a cold day…actually a VERY cold day! If the temp gauge on my car is to believed, it varied slightly between minus seven and minus eight……that’s right – ff-f-f-freeeezing! Still, I managed to beat the 7am alarm to get all kitted up with another personal training session with the ‘Champ‘; this time I added a fleece & a combat jacket to assist in keeping my muscles warm. Fortunately, I made the 30 mile journey in about 30 minutes, as the roads were pretty desolate at 8.30 am; everyone else was staying home in bed, keeping warm & comfortable!

Anyway, a quick update on the session for you; the Champ gave me an ‘hour of power’, an intense, non-stop session which blasted my muscles groups quickly to warm me up & hit my core musculature. It wasn’t a peaceful way to spend a Sunday Morning, but it was rewarding as I blasted through each exercise with all of my might. I think an iPhone came out at one stage to capture me collapsed over a step-up bench, which I’m sure will end up on a certain blog soon. I didn’t mind – I’d already done an exercise bouncing on a lime green fitball with some pink dumbells, so any street credibility had already been lost.

As the man said , ‘I did good’. This got me to thinking – finally I am achieving fitness after almost four weeks of focussed determination. This had moved on from the ‘me’ of a few weeks ago, because I was healthy but quite unfit ( yes – there is a difference!) Slowly becoming fitter is the icing on the cake, as I’m noticing increased stamina, better breathing & a generally higher level of energy. I have to say, being healthy AND fit is the best way to be.

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