Running in the moonlight (Challenge from a Champion Pt 3)

Hello – I’m back! ( in case you thought the exercise had finished me off!) Well, last week was another seven days of success for me, which I’ll share with you now. So, I managed three more evenings running, and during the process noticed it starting to feel a little easier – not in a big way, but there seemed to be a certain fluidity taking place that felt good. I even stretched to an extra circuit in the same time slot, which was also pleasing. The weigh scales also showed a couple of extra pounds missing too, so all was excellent.

My groundwork had prepared me in a small way for what was going to occur on Saturday – my full fitness assessment with ‘The Champ’! I arrived at 11am on the nose & was received by the man himself & greeted with a tone of high expectation, with a hint of gentle provocation; he was looking forward to seeing what I was ‘made of ‘. Well, let me tell you this – during the hour of power he pushed me through, we didn’t lift a single barbell. Not one. I had half expected ‘ The Champ’ to launch me into some bar-bendingly heavy weight slinging, as this is a guy who can lift hundreds of kilo’s off the floor without a safety net, has four gold medals & more shiny metalwork than RoboCop! Nope. Nada.Nein. We used the cross-trainer, running machine (not my favourite activity!), fit ball, kettlebell & that was it. He gave me all of the ‘old school’ PT-style exercises that often get forgotten but are powerfully effective for working your core musculature. He made me stretch, bend & flex to release my taut sinews & create some well needed flexibility. During the process I think we found some ill-used muscle groups I didn’t know I had, as well as push through some muscle burning pain thresholds to squeeze the maximum results out for me. Whew! ‘The Champ’ worked me hard – he wanted to see what I was made of & he got it.

Well, after a rather wobbly version of myself lifted my exhausted body of the exercise mat, I got some words I was relieved to hear – ” You did good “. This man doesn’t dish those words out lightly, so I knew I’d shown him some potential; he added that anyone who prepared for a session by going running for two weeks & got up early on a Saturday morning to do a 50 mile round trip had the necessary focus to achieve great things. I had potential. OK…I had some work to do, but it was all achievable as the right mindset & raw material was in place. I left with a slightly weary but proud smile….I did good.

Earlier this evening, as I was off out into the night to start my first of three weekly runs, I was greeted by some cool misty air that was lit eerily by a crescent moon from above. The combination of the cooling mist & clean moonlight seemed to clear my mind to make way for some fresh thoughts as I commenced my run; I’d realised that because I had a vision for my fitness, a strong focus & key techniques in place, I could really achieve what I wanted & that felt empowering. In life & fitness, this goal setting stuff works you know!

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